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I come to this group as a sponge lookin' to get wet.  I am a rank beginner starting from scratch.  We have a goal of learning enough about carpets to make a wise purchase (probably one of many).  In the meantime, I recently came across two used carpets that appear to be inexpensive (coarse) and was wondering if folks could help me figure out what I have.  Looking at the finished edges, and the fringe, these appear to be hand made.  Additionally, the pattern is pretty true on the reverse.  I have photos of the front and back noted below as well as a closeup of the knots.  So, I'm hoping to overcome my ignorance and start learning.  Any ideas on where to start or if you see the pics and can tell me what I have, would be greatly appreciate it. 

Carpet #1 is the smallest, measuring about 21.5 inches by 36" (and maybe a smidgen more)(not including the fringe)

Carpet 1 Front
Carpet 1 Reverse
Carpet 1 Reverse closeup 1
Carpet 1 Reverse closeup 2

Carpet #2 is larger, measuring 34 inches by 42 inches (not including fringe).  Additionally, this carpet has a cloth tag stapled to it.  The writing is no longer legible save the word "IRAN" and the number "3091".

Carpet 2 Front
Carpet 2 Reverse
Carpet 2 Reverse closeup 1
Carpet 2 Reverse closeup 2
Carpet 2 Fringe

Please be brutal... I'll learn more!  ;)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.