Hot Wheels has made several models I like during the years, but their business practices really hack me off. Their lawyers seem to have nothing better to do than hassle people who have been loyal collectors for years. Why? It seems that Mattel wants to exercise total control over the name and prevent it and its symbols from being used in websites, email names, etc. Again... why? Like many big corporations, they were slow to make their presence known on the web. Is corporate sloth a good reason to batter folks into turning over domain names? Also, it seems to me that the more prevalent your name is, the more name recognition your company gains. With a loyal buyer base like that for Hot Wheels, the current legal jyhad seems to be misguided. That's my $0.02. Before folks get the idea that I hate the cars themselves (well...maybe a few <grin>), they have been really good about producing new models...many of them decent. I do think that competition from Johnny Lightning is largely responsible for this. Just don't get me started on the cost of the Internet Busses, and the coupling of them with unrelated items. Enough of my soapbox...I do still like HW VWs (especially sunagons, vanagon models, the bug, etc.)!!! Below are HW items I have for trade.

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32 Ford Delivery grn/white 135 Purple Passion, purple, 87
40s Woodie grn/blk 217 Steel Stamp: Passion 285
59 Caddy mf lavender 266 Steel Stamp: Zender Fact 4 287
Chevy Stocker org/mf 270 "gold medal speed" Swingfire mf blue 214
Highway Hauler purp/white 238 T-bucket yellow/flame 68
Jaguar XJ220 dk blue, 203 guh Tail Gunner white 273
Jaguar XJ220 dk blue 203 uh Talbot Lago blk 250
Krackle Car Sets (singles) 280,1,2,4 Workhorses: Peterbilt Tnkr orang/silver 1689
Mean Green Passion lime 263 Race Team Sets (1-4) RWB 275-8
No Fear race car blk 244 RACE: 2pk: 1&2, 1&3, 2&3, RWB 275-8
Olds 442 W-30 yellow 267 Steel Stamp:2pk:1&2,1&3, 1&4

HOT WHEELS ERRORS - would prefer to swap for VW errors but I'm open

Race Team Dragster #4 of 4, 278, bw, Error - no tampo showing from front  
Race Team Side-Splitter # of 4, bw, Error - on Dragster #4 of 4, 278 card  

REVEALERS SWEEPSTAKES SET OF 10, individually factory wrapped, Mint condition
never opened. All cars have "REVEALERS" tampo on the windshield. This is the set that was a Mattel mail-in premium if you got the blue token in the market releases. It was also offered with the Internet VW Drag Bus II. Set comes with congratuatory insert.

Passion mf blue with orange/purple tampos, white wall tires
'65 Mustang neon yellow convertible with black interior, orange/blue/pink detailing, white wall tires
porsche 911 neon orange, bw tires
'93 Camaro neon Lime-green with blue/pink/yellow tampos, silver ultra hot wheels
Lamborghini Neon Reddish-pink with orange & pink tampos and silver ultra hot wheels
Race car, lt blue w/orange & yellow stripe & "#" tampo on roof and hood and doors, bw tires
purple ferrari with a horse's head bursting through tampo on hood, silver Ultra Hot wheels
Alien mf blue w/red top, "ALIEN" tampo on hood, silver ultra hot wheels
White Cobra convertible with red interior. Cobra snake tampos on hood and sides, bw wheels
Banshee red w/white delta hood."Banshee tampos across the doors, silver ultra hot wheels


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