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Here's the fine print for the the Johnny Lightning Good Traders Directory (JLGTD)...

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Remember the "Hall of Fame Traders" post on HobbyTalk? That thread was the embryo for this trader directory. This page has now been opened to all Johnny Lightning (JL) traders (diecast, slot car, and ???) and includes traders from Diecast Illustrated, Johnny Lightning Club, Johnny Lightning Collecting, Johnny Lightning! forum at MBCCH, JL-RC group, Lightning Lane, New Jersey Johnny Lightning Club, Slot Car Center Bulletin Board, Tjet club, and Toy Car Traders. If I've forgotten any JL trading areas, please let me know. Also, see "Other Toy Car Trader Lists".



The point of the list is to note good traders, but also to make it usable for new or unsure traders. If I don't have valid email addresses, anyone can claim to be you. Basically, someone gets on the list by emailing me with their list of folks they traded with (and their email addresses) that they want recognized. You also get on the list when those traders do the same thing for you. Hopefully, you get there by both! Also, I consider cost plus shipping deals that people do to help out other collectors fully within the spirit of trading. Regular sales/purchases are not considered trades.

To get on, you also need to
email me your valid email address. I link it to your nickname, and people can use it to contact you about trade references, trading, etc. The required info will link in either the "Trader" and/or the "traded With" columns. Read on...


The following info is OPTIONAL and gets entered ONLY in the "Trader" column. Optional info provides more ways for people to be able to trade with & contact you. The optional info includes:

1) your real name,

2) other nicknames,

3) your website, - especially helpful if you keep a "haves" and/or "wants" list!

4) ebay id (I link to your feedback),

NOTE: No trader names will be used without valid email addresses I can link to. Also, links to addresses that are no longer valid will be cleaned off as they are found.


I'll try to keep this list as clean as possible. "Problem" traders who show chronic unreliability (to put it kindly) or even criminal intent will be removed as quickly as possible. Email me with any problems you might have.


Do you have any good traders or info to add? Will you be changing your website or email address? Do you see any broken links? Do you want to add anything? Just drop me a line at the link below...

Email ...Mangodance

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