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Mangodance's WANT LIST

Updated August 24, 2001. Email Mangodance


NOTE!!! I need a Hot Wheels Randy's Stuff PINK VW Bug. Anyone know a source for this? White Lightning Surf Rods 5 VW Thing
94 White Lightning "Bonus" BUG BOMBs (**ANY** series) White Lightning Topper Series 1 Sand Stormers
94 NPS BUG BOMB White Lightning Topper Series 2 Sand Stormers
 94 Q Bug Bomb (raw diecast)  
White Lightning Topper Series 3 Sand Stormers
White Lightning Team Lightning Bozo Bugaboos  
 Any White Thunder VW Baja Thunderjets .....basically, any WL Volkswagens!!!!


49I-9 VW Concept 1 Matchbox USA Convention Car, red
49I-10 VW Concept 1 Matchbox USA Convention Car, green
#57 (2000) VW Transporter WITH Matchbox 2000" logo
#72 (2000) bus WITH Matchbox 2000" logo
#81 (2000) Concept 1 convertible WITH "Matchbox 2000" logo


15A Volkswagen 34A-D VW Microvan, Caravan, Camper High, Camper Low
23D3, VW Camper 67A-B VW 1600TL
23D5 VW Camper    
23D10 VW Camper    
25B VW Saloon    


RANDY's STUFF VW BUG in PINK - I'm looking for an opener

VW Ambulance  


FAIRLY...PERIOD. I'll trade on a level field ONLY so mercenaries need not respond. Sorry to be so blunt but many responses seem to be from folks looking to make a quick buck...and to them I say..."keep looking!" 8-D

To the rest of you...LET's TRADE! If you don't see a swap you like here, PLMK what you propose.
I will consider the Movin Van and Wasp pairs from each set as single cars to swap for what I need.
FAOs/Q cars for FAOs/Q cars: preferably within series (my preference to FAO red/blue) May consider other 94 WL/NPS/Christmas Gift JLs/etc so email with proposal.
If you have WL Bug Bomb and *really* want an FAO or Q car, I'd probably make that swap too but not the other way around.  white lightning or NPS for other WL, NPS

If you're interested and want to check me out, I've been on since the start (formerly as with the exception of a one year break (c. 1999) now I mainly lurk. I am active on HobbyTalk, many of the Johnny Lightning discussion groups (see links or JLGTD), the Volkswagen Toy Group, or a good number of other toy car groups. I am also on the Johnny Lightning Good Trader Directory. You're free to ask about me or you can email me for references. Happy collecting / trading!

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