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The Johnny Lightning Good Traders Directory

(Last updated September 27, 2001)

This directory is open to all Johnny Lightning (JL) traders (diecast, slot car, and ???) and includes traders from Diecast Illustrated, HobbyTalk, Johnny Lightning Club, Johnny Lightning Collecting, Johnny Lightning! forum at MBCCH, JL-RC group, Lightning Lane, New Jersey Johnny Lightning Club, Slot Car Center Bulletin Board, Tjet club, and Toy Car Traders. If I've forgotten any JL trading areas please email ...Mangodance. Also, see "Other Toy Car Trader Lists".

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sorted by nickname


sorted by nickname

John "32lowboy" Cafferata, tinCars,
Don "40willys" Benedict Jr., website, tinCars,
Bill "41-willys" Terek, a.k.a, "willys41", "41willlys", ebay feedback, Capt. Koik, java57, RobDog, T/A Tom, teddy,
"55Badman", ebay feedback, Fargo_66_69, mdubose, teddy, midtown, Modsquad,
"69 Hurst/Olds", ebay feedback, Bigdog (many),
Frank "Bigdog" Martin 69 Hurst/Olds, Cooper, JLWahl, mangodance, wyatt, T/A Tom,
"Bon69" Viperdave, Hunter
Kurt "camarokid67" Phillips, ebay feedback, Mike B, Kiss my JL,
Mike "Captain Fred" Brasfield, a.k.a. "Carheadfred" 40willys, Hunter, Jjflash, Kiowa, marsboy, Mr Stubbs, Olgier, Pony, PWSchuh, RobDog, Squirmy, T/A Tom, tinCars, Truckinmandave, Viperdave,
Colton "colton6" Lawson, ebay feedback, camarokid_67, Cooper, Dinkyinc, Hunter, Robmcin, Viperdave,
"cool" camarokid67, cobra(2), FishinTime, fuflek, grabmaker, Jlspec(2), Mr Stubbs, Robmcin(4), rwwcarguy, T/A Tom, triple20, Truckinmandave(2), Viperdave, viperman, wlsrock,
Glenn "Cooper" Mason, Bigdog, colton6, Goose Chicken, Olgier, Pony, RacerJoe, Squirmy, teddy, Viperdave
Dadvball Jlspec, Kiss my JL, marsboy,
Kirk "Dale Fan" Eskild, a.k.a. "Capt. Koik" 41-willys, Bon69, Fargo_66_69, hwcoll95, mdubose, RacerJoe, T/A Tom, teddy, wlsrock,
David "Daverave64" Bonilla, ebay feedback, Mike B, T/A Tom
John "Digicom1" Walter Olgier, tinCars,
"Dinkyinc" colton6, KelDog, wlsrock,
"evilweevil" Jlspec, tinCars,
Evan "Fargo_66_69" Davis, a.k.a. "fargoguy", Goose Chicken, Jlspec, MARKHOS, Olgier, Peter, RobDog, T/A Tom,
"FishinTime", ebay feedback, cool, fuflek, Hunter, JohnTx, marsboy, Owl, RacerJoe, Robmcin, T/A Tom, Valiant100,
Lucky "fuflek" Manestar, cobra, cool, FishinTime(2), Pparring, Robmcin(2), Truckinmandave, Valiant100, wlpaul,
Dean "Hunter" Taylor Captain Fred, colton6, Fargo_66_69, FishinTime, hwcoll95, Kiss my JL, mangodance, Mr Stubbs, Olgier, Peter, Pony, Pparring, RobDog, T/A Tom, Viperdave, wlsrock, Wolfman1,
"hwcoll95" Capt. Koik, Cooper, Hunter, KelDog, stormriter, T/A Tom,
Rick "java57" Coffey, ebay feedback, website, 41-willys,
Jjflash, website Captain Fred, Goose Chicken, Olgier,
Jlspec camarokid67, cobra, cool, Dadvball, Fargo_66_69, Hunter, Kiowa(2), Kiss my JL, mdubose, Mike B, Owl, Peter, Pony, Pparring, Robmcin, Squirmy, T/A Tom, tinCars, triple20, Truckinmandave, Viperdave, tinCars, wlsrock,
"JLWahl", ebay feedback, Bigdog, Goose Chicken, KelDog, Kiss my JL, Pony, T/A Tom, tinCars,
Kelly "KelDog" Forestier, a.k.a. "Track King", ebay feedback, Cooper, Dinkyinc, hwcoll95, JLWahl, Peter, Kiss my JL,
David "Kiowa" Wells, Captain Fred, KelDog, mangodance, mbcatbird, T/A Tom, Viperdave, wlsrock,
Kiss my JL, website, ebay feedback, colton6, Dadvball, evilweevil, Hunter, Jlspec, JLWahl, KelDog, mangodance, Mike B, Pony, Pparring, Robmcin, Viperdave,
Rick ''Lightning Strikes" Adams, website Badpaul,
Mac Ragan, Mark C,
Pete "Madsapper" Bon69, Goose Chicken, Peter (2), Viperdave,
Barry "mangodance" Nichols, website Bigdog, Dinkyinc, edseldave, Goose Chicken (4), Kiowa, Kiss my JL, Owl, Peter, RobDog (2), Robmcin, rwwcarguy, Stealthbuilder, T/A Tom, teddy (2), tinCars, ultrahot, wlpaul, wlsrock, wyatt,
Mark "Mark C" Curtis, a.k.a. "MarkrC", website ausbeckett (2), David Becker (2), ChFalkensteiner (2), Frits M (8), Kaugra (2), Mac Ragan (3), Rick-in-Houston (2), sirentoys(2), Stubbszy (2),
Eric "marsboy" Taylor a.k.a. "marsboyLBMF" big-tex-collectables, Captain Fred, camarokid67, Dadvball, Jlspec, Owl, Peter, robmcin, SICKDEAD, tinCars, Viperdave (2), wlsrock,
Mike "mbcatbird" Bentley, ebay feedback, Peter, Viperdave,
Steve "mbox4steve" Yuen, Mark C, Tom MDM,
Marco "mdubose" DuBose, website, Capt. Koik, Jlspec, RobDog, Robmcin (2), Squirmy,
Mike "Mike B" Barrett, Bon69, camarokid67, colton6, Daverave64, Jlspec, Kiss my JL, Pparring,
"modsquad", ebay feedback,  Robmcin,
"Mr._Stubbs", Dadvball, Captain Fred, cool, Fargo_66_69, Goose Chicken, Hunter, marsboy,
Fred "Olgier" Degenhardt, a.k.a. "twisted_reality" Cooper, Digicom1, Fargo_66_69, Hunter, Jjflash, T/A Tom, teddy, wlsrock,
Craig "Owl" Fillmon colton6, FishinTime, Jlspec, marsboy, Pparring, Pony, sirentoys, T/A Tom, teddy, Valiant100, wyatt,
Peter Fargo_66_69, Goose Chicken, Hunter, Jlspec, KelDog, mangodance, marsboy, mbcatbird, Robmcin, T/A Tom, Viperdave,
Connie "Pony" Rodriguez, a.k.a. "Pony1966", "Dew1117", website, ebay feedback, Captain Fred, Cooper, Hunter, Jlspec, JLWahl, Kiss my JL, RobDog, wlsrock,
"Popstoys", Viperdave,
Pparring Hunter, Jlspec, Mike B, Owl, RobDog,
"PWSchuh", ebay feedback, Captain Fred, Hunter,
Joel "RacerJoe" Harris Cooper, sirentoys, T/A Tom,
"RobDog" Fargo_66_69, Hunter, mangodance, Pony, Pparring,
Rob "Robmcin" McIntosh, ebay feedback, Capt. Koik, colton6, cool (4), FishinTime (2), fuflek (2), Kiss my JL, Jlspec (3), mangodance, marsboy, mdubose, modsquad, Peter, towjam, triple20,
Ryan "Ryan Lightning" Whited, ebay feedback, Fargo_66_69, Jlspec, triple20, ultrahot, Viperdave,
Squirmy Captain Fred , Cooper, Jlspec, medic1076, mdubose, sirentoys, T/A Tom, teddy, ultrahot,
Stealthbuilder mangodance,
stormriter mississippiman,
T/A Tom, ebay feedback Bigdog, Captain Fred, Capt. Koik, cool, Fargo_66_69, Hunter, JLWahl, Kiowa, mangodance, Olgier, Peter, Squirmy, SSizler!, Truckinmandave, Viperdave, viperman, wlpaul, wlsrock,
Jim "tinCars" Vandenburgh 40willys, Captain Fred, evilweevil, Jlspec, mangodance, marsboy, triple20,
Jason "towjam" Hallenbeck, alabamabuckeye, Big E, powder8000, pdj88, Robmcin,
Walter "triple20", ebay feedback, cool, Fargo_66_69, Jlspec, Robmcin, Ryan Lightning, T24EMS, tinCars,
Dave "Truckinmandave" cool, Hunter, T/A Tom,
William "ultrahot" Beaulieu, a.k.a. "ultrahott", & "culdesac", ebay feedback, Modsquad (2), Pparring, T/A Tom, teddy(3), Ryan Lightning, Squirmy, Viperdave,
Viperdave Bon69 (2), Captain Fred, cool (2), Cooper, Hunter, Jlspec, Kiowa, Kiss my JL, marsboy (2), mbcatbird, Peter (3), Popstoys, rwwcarguy, Ryan Lightning, T/A Tom (3), Truckinmandave, ultrahot, viperman,
David "viperman" Maxfield, ebay feedback, cool, T/A Tom,
"wlsrock" Hunter, Kiowa, mangodance, T/A Tom,
wolfman1 Hunter,
Wyatt "wyatt", ebay feedback Owl,

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